The lithographic press is made in the dimensions chose individually by the client. The dimensions of the press bed (table) are treated as a criterion of the press size. We offer two kinds of the lithographic press - the stationery one and that, which is fitted with two shelves, designed for the printing products, tools, etc. The press bed (table) overall dimensions are available in the range of 400 600mm to 750 1300mm. Moreover, there is manual drive with the length changeable crank handle. The gear ratio range of the toothed gear transmissions varies between i=6 and i= 12(24). The lower working roll is made of the thick-walled steel pipe (the external diameter o170mm and the thickness of the wall b=17mm) with the braces welded inside, and the bearing journals with the diameter o35mm. The lower pressure shaft is bearing on the roller bearings situated in the dustproof mounts, what causes, that the efficiency of a machine is very high (the shaft rotates slowly). The press bed (table) is made of the impregnated wood in timber form on "a leaf spring" with the thickness 30 ÷ 50mm. Depending on the press size, the maximum pressure of the skid varies between 600 and 1200 kG. The travelling of the skid during "the closing"s of the press is h=30mm whereas the range of pulling out of the skid is s=80mm. The maximum distance from the skid edge is H=150mm. The construction is made of the welded, thick-walled and cold-rolled metallurgical profiles. The finishing touch is to paint the press, rustproof coat or every other color selected by the client. If the dimensions of the press bed are 750 x 1300mm - the press weight varies between 85 and 250 kg 
   1. It is a possibility to assemble the hydraulic cylinder pressing the skid (fitted with the adjustable downforce) , to the press with the large overall dimensions of the press bed (table)..
  2. Upon request, there is also a capability to make the steel rubber-lined shaft with the hardness 65 sh, which is fixed variably with the skid. It is used to printing the large black and white or multicolored relief printings.




     A - Working roller diameter
     B - Working roller length
     C - Working roller raising
     D - Working płyty width
     E - Location (height) working plate from the ground
     F, G, H, - location table press shelves
     Dl - length plate






   A intaglio press designed for printing with steel matrixes is used to print with copper and zinc coating matrixes with thickness up to 5 mm. The upper roll 
  stroke is h=50mm. The raising of the pressure roller is automatic with the use of the helical spring. Moreover, there is the manual drive with the crank handle. .
   Offering presses are available in two versions:
       - with the lower roller drive;
       - with the upper roller drive.
   The intaglio press work plate is made of cold-rolled steel sheet (thickness b=3mm) or made of plastic /option/. The overall dimensions of the plates are equal with the overall dimensions of the graphic format, or are individually chosen by the client. [450*600mm\ 600*1000mm\ 750*1300mm\ 820*1400mm\1200*2000mm]. The working rolls are made of the thick-walled pipes (with external diameter o170mm, the thickness of the wall g=14mm and the welded inside bracing rings made of sheet steel g=6mm). At the ends of the pipes there are welded inside bearing journals with the diameter o50mm. The shafts are bearing on the ball bearings with own reserve of grease (unattended). In the case of large presses, the shafts are bearing on the roller bearings. The intaglio press gear ratio range is depended on the press overall dimensions plus the client's directions and fluctuates between i=6 and i=18. The pressure of the working roll is smoothly regulated and varies between P=0 and 700kG. 
   The intaglio press /presses are being made in assembly versions, as a:
      - designed for fasten on the "own" press bed (table) - an integral part of the press;
      - designed for fasten on the "foreign" press bed(table) - not an integral part of the press.
   The whole construction intaglio press is made of the thick-walled and cold-rolled metallurgical profiles. In addition, the construction of the press allows for the complete dismantle (it lets for easy transport and what is more important, that press could be placed in adopted studios, e.g. a loft). The press is painted black or other color chose by the client. The weight intaglio press of the discussed kind of the press varies between 50 and 250 kg (depending on the size). .


         Intaglio press witch up roller drive                                    Intaglio press professional with plate 450 x 600 mm

   Press /intaglio press /with plate 1250 x 2500 mm ratio i= 18 and both rolls drive.


Intaglio press with size 1300 x 3000 mm and table thicknes 10 mm / syntetick materials /

 For students, pupils, and other people who need the " "mobile intaglio press /press" (e.g. during the participation in workshops, etc.) there are two kinds of the lighter intaglio press:
    - the
intaglio press designed for " ExLibris"
    - the
int aglio pressintended for students :)

Technical parameters of the press for "ExLibris" intaglio press
   1-the upper roll diameter 120mm [max 150mm]/ a thick-walled pipe
   2-the lower roll diameter 40mm
   3-the gear ratio i=3-4
   4-the manual drive
   5-the rolls width B=250 to 400mm [max 600mm]
   6-the plate lengthen L=400 to 600mm [max 1000mm]

   Press for students - THE NEW ONE-intaglio press Technical parameters
   1-the upper roll diameter 100mm/ steel shaft
   2-the lower roll diameter 30mm/steel shaft
   3-the gear ratio i= ~3
   4-the manual drive
   5-the rolls width B=200 to 250mm
   6-the plate lengthen L=300 to 450mm


                                                      ExLibris-intaglio press with plate 350x500 mm -

     Below, there is presented the new little intaglio press for students. It is very similar to the press - type "ExLibris" - but is lighter and equipped with the bearings.  
     That intaglio press weights about 20-25 kg.



         Intaglio press for students with plate 250x500

   - electric drives




   The intaglio press with the enlarged working roll stroke and the synchronous drive of both rolls (as well the working roll as the pressing down one) is a special kind of the intaglio press, which lets to make graphics from the steel matrixes or printing from the linocuts, the woodcuts and the plastercuts. It is possible, thanks to the enlarged size of the working roll stroke to h=80mm, the smoothly regulated pressure of that roll and the cinematic coupling of both rolls (with the same external diameter). In intaglio press The synchronous drive of both rolls is being performed by two gear transmissions. Discussed presses are built in optional dimensions with designing for assemble on the press bed or on each other table designed for it. In intaglio press The pressure of the working roll varies between 0 and 7000kG and is smoothly regulated. Moreover, there is the manual drive with the crank handle (with the changeable length of the arm) whereas dependently on the dimensions of the desk, the gear ratio is in the range of i=6 to i=18. In intaglio press The press weight is depended on its size and the construction (whether with the press bed (table) or without) and fluctuates between 180kg and 250kg. The work of intaglio press plate is made of steel sheet (thickness g=3mm) or textolit /option/. The diameter of the working intaglio press rolls is o170mm and the rolls are made of the thick-walled, ribbed steel sheet (thickness g=6mm) pipes. The tolerance of the working intaglio press of rolls external diameter is +/- 0,05mm.




         Intaglio press with plate 750 x 1300 mm and nets for drying graphics




  The general-purpose ,In intaglio press press gives an opportunity to make graphic copies from steel matrixes (copper, zinc) and printing from the lithographic limestone. That type of press is characterized by the first degree of the general-purpose, what means that it combines features of the intaglio press designed for "steel" with the lithographic one. That intaglio press also allows for printing from steel plates (thickness= 5mm). Furthermore, dismantling the pressure upper roll and replacing it by the attachment type "Lito", there is a possibility for making graphics with the lithographic technique. In order to use both: the working roll and the attachment type "Lito", the main construction requirement is to fitted the general-purpose intaglio press with the "own" press bed, what means that the press table must be the integral part of the machine. The general-purpose intaglio press is made in the same way as the previews ones, namely, in the dimensions chose individually by the client. There is the manual drive this intaglio press with the crank handle. The gear ratio range is depended on the press overall dimensions plus the client's directions and varies between i=6 and i=18. If the dimensions In intaglio pressof the work bench are 750 x 1200mm with thickness g=30mm - the press (including the attachment type "Lito") weights about 300kg. The technical parameters of the general-purpose press are the same as the parameters of the lithographic and the In intaglio press .


  The In intaglio press type "COMPACT" is characterized by the second degree of the general-purpose. It gives an opportunity to make copies in all techniques of the intaglio printing as well as from steel matrixes, the woodcuts, the linocuts and the palstercuts. Moreover, dismantling the upper roll and replacing it by the attachment type "Lito", the press transforms into the professional lithographic press. The working In intaglio press rolls (the diameter o170 mm) are made in tolerance +/- 0,05 mm and are cinematically coupled - what lets to make the accurate and multicolored graphics. The exerted pressure of the pressure roll is being smoothly regulated and fluctuates between 0 and 7000 kG. The pressure of the In intaglio press and lithographic press skid varies between 0 and 1000 kG. The maximum height of the pressure roll is 100mm (max 200mm). The maximum distance of the lithographic skid from the table's surface is 150mm, whereas the skid stroke during pressing down is 30mm. The range of the skid lowering is 80mm. There is also the manual drive with the crank handle. The gear ratio range is depended on the press dimensions plus the client's directions and it varies between i=6 and i=18. If the dimensions of the table intaglio press (the press bed) are 750 x 1200mm – the weight of the press with the attachment type "Lito" is 350kg. Because of the construction requirements, the intaglio press type "Compact" is built only with the integral press bed (table)..

The intaglio press is designed for printing the large graphics by the relief printing with use (changeably with the lithographic skid) the gummed steel shaft (hardness 65 sh).





                                                                                                              Jednotłokowa prasa dociskowa 300x400 mm 20Ton


  Dwa zdjęcia prasy dociskowej o wielkości płyty 800 x 1200 mm i wartości siły docisku 60 ton / 600 [kN]
   Prasy dociskowe do druku wypukłego budowane są jako stacjonarne prasy z siłownikami hydraulicznymi oraz
   ruchomą płytą dolną wykonaną ze stali o grubości ~20 mm oraz górną płytą stalową, która na stałe jest zamocowana
   do korpusu  prasy.
   Docisk realizowany jest przez ręczne pompowanie oleju hydraulicznego za pomocą pompy do siłowników
   hydraulicznych. Pompa hydrauliczna wyposażona jest w manometr który służy do pomiaru wartości ciśnienia
   panującego w siłownikach hydraulicznych. Za pomocą tabeli przelicza się wartość ciśnienia oleju hydraulicznego
   na wartość siły docisku prasy.  
   Wielkość stołu ustalana jest bezpośrednio z zamawiającym, wielkości stołów zawierają się w zakresie:
   od 300 x 400 mm do 800 x 1200 mm a wartości sił docisku od 20 Ton / 200 [kN] do 60 Ton / 600 [kN]
   Maksymalny rozstaw płyt dociskowych wynosi ~140 mm. Waga pras dociskowych wynosi odpowiednio
   od 60 do 550 kg i zależy od wielkości prasy.



A - The basic length of the roller
    B - The total length of the roller (with handles)
    C - The diameter of handles
    D - The thickness of the applied rubber layer 

Approximate prices (in 2015 yr).

Rubber covered printing rollers the hardness = 35sh .
    The diameter :
      A :   the external diameter Ǿ=80mm 



Ǿ external roller = 80 mm /  Thickness of rubber [ mm ] D=

 Prices [pln]-gross

D = 5 mm

D = 10 mm

D = 15 mm

D = 20 mm

L = 150 mm

230 pln

320 pln

420 pln

480 pln

L = 200 mm

250 pln

380 pln

540 pln

630 pln

L = 250 mm

300 pln

470 pln

660 pln

750 pln

L = 300 mm

360 pln

550 pln

780 pln

870 pln





the external diameter Ǿ=60mm


Ǿ external roller = 60 mm /  Thickness of rubber [ mm ] D=

 Prices [pln]-gross

D = 5 mm

D = 10 mm

D = 15 mm

D = 20 mm

L = 150 mm

210 pln




L = 200 mm





L = 250 mm





L = 300 mm









     Printing rollers are made in two versions:
     A- to apply black paint
     B-to apply colorful paints (to multicolored graphics).

  The offer kinds of the printing rollers are available in various diameters, lengths and the various thicknesses of applied rubbers. Nowadays, the printing rollers are made accordingly to the client's directions. Offering rollers are covered with offset rubber (hardness 35sh) which the physicochemical parameters are intended for as well as black and colored paints. The thickness of applied rubber varies between 5 and 20mm (the thicker layer of rubber the better "adjustment" of the roller). Besides, if the thickness of applied rubber layer varies between 10 and 20mm, there is a possibility to renovate the roller by the grinding (up to 5 times). The length of the printing rollers for: - black paint fluctuates between 100 and 600mm with the external diameter o80mm. - colorful paints fluctuate between 50 and 350(400)mm with the external diameter o60mm. - the margins fluctuate between 5 and 50mm with external diameter o40mm. On request, there is an opportunity to make the rollers with the hardness up to 90 sh.
  All kinds of the printing rollers made of offset rubber should be cleaning liquid paraffin or turpentine. The use of petrol or any other solvent can cause the damage of the rollers!






   Offering electric heater fitted with the thermostat (using to heat the graphic plates) is made in various dimensions - the maximum size is 750 x 520mm. Depending on the size, the heating power is in the range of 1000W and 2500W.
   The range of the temperature control varies between 60 and 120°C.
   . The external plate is made of steel and the factor responsible for the transport of heat from the heaters to external surface of the plate is chamotte. The elimination of the factors transporting heat (such as water and transformer oil) and the use of the heaters in "dry" conditions lets to raise up the machine efficiency and reliability as well as the comfort of using.The sensitivity of the thermostat is +/- 2,5°C - what lets for even distribution of the heat on the plate's surface. The heater is fitted with the current protection and the fire protection in accordance with PN, and additionally is supplied with the connection to electricity control and the heat control.Below, the basic

Dimensions of the heating press platen with the prices  on 2015 yr / gross /


PRICE  [pln] - gross

  400 x 500 mm


  500 x 600 mm


  700 x 800 mm


  800 x 1000 mm





The sculptor's kawalet (table) is made according to the client's directions. The picture shows the tables with the rounded tops (the diameter o350mm). Those ones were made to order. Additionally, there is a possibility to make the table with the square or rectangular top with various dimensions. Moreover, there is also an opportunity to make the kawalet intended for the heavy and large sculptures placed on the floor. The kawalet's top is bearing on the thrust bearings and the rotation interlocking mechanism.


The special equipment of all kinds of the press are the auxiliary mechanical transmissions with the electric motor intended for the press drive. They are assembled as additional ones, inspite of the manual drive. The special coupling lets for the changeable press drive: manual or mechanical. The set of motoreducers is fitted with the overload friction clutch and the set of the limit switches. The ratio varies between i=25 and i=40. The master switch is equipped with the protection key. The power of the set fluctuates between 1000W and 1500W and is supplied by 220 Voltage. .


  There is a possibility to use the hydraulic pressure set as the additional equipment in the lithographic presses. That set consists of the hydraulic motor, the gear pump with the electric drive and the section and overflow valve, the pressure conduit, the protection tank and the electric controller. That set is assembled instead of the conventional mechanic pressure. The gear pump presses the oil through the safety-valves and the overflow valve into the distributor, connected with the pressure skid of the press, which is responsible for the raising up and the lowering of the cylinder. The pressure power is being read off from the manometer. The pressure power is smoothly regulated with the use of the overflow valve. The set is supplied by 220 Voltage and is equipped with the protection key.


   The lithographic stones need the periodic grinding and smoothing. Because of the large weight of the lithographic stone we offer the special set of devices designed for the grinding and the transport of the lithographic stone. The set consists: - the trolley equipped with the roller top intended for the movement of the stone to the press and back. The height of the top is regulated and id fitted with four wheels (two with braces). - the set for the stone grinding consists of the table with the wooden framework and the tank for water with decanter. On the table side there are elements to attach the hose and remove the water, and the additional shelve.




   The complement of the offering products are the paint trays designed for soaking the paper and etching steel plates. The paint trays are made of both: sheet aluminum and sheet acid-proof and are available in various sizes from 750x1200x100mm to very small ones. Moreover, there are produces additional tables (stable or moveable) fitted with the shelves of the drawers designed for paper and printing paints. Those tables are made as stable, removable or raised with the frameworks intended for drying the papers.









  1.The students "press";..250*500 mm ( 300 x 600 mm ).......... 1600 - do 1900 - PLN
  2.The graphic press type "ExLibris" .350x500mm./500*700mm/
. 2600 - do 3600 - PLN
  3. The graphic press .750*1300 mm.......................................4500,- do 5500,- PLN
  4. The lithographic press
.....................................................4900,- do 6200,- PLN
  5. The graphic press with the attachment type "LITO" ............7500,- do 9500,- PLN
  6. The graphic press with both rolls drive
5700,- do 6700,- PLN
  7. The press type "COMPACT" .............................................8000,- do 10200,- PLN
  8. The pressure press
4200,- do 19000,-PLN
  9. The painting rollers ............................the price sets with the client
 10. The electric heaters
1000,- do 3200,- PLN
 11. Sculpture table ........................................................................from 400 PLN
 12. Motoreducers................................................................3000,- do 4500,- PLN
 13. The hydraulic pressure sets to the lithographic presses
.......1800,- do 2500,- PLN
 14. The trolleys .........................................................800,- do 1800,- PLN
 15. The paint trays, the workshops' tables
................. the price sets with the client
 16. The system of the paints hanging
..........................he price sets with the client
 17. Upon request .....................................the price sets with the client

W/w cennik jest aktualny na 2017 rok  / ceny BRUTTO

   All prices can be negotiate  

  There is an opportunity to make various elements based on the client's projects or     the elements or machine patterns gave as the technical documentation or the photos.

      The examples of the presses configurations and their prices.
      on /2017 yr/




750 x 1300 mm

600 x 1000 mm

450 x 600 mm


- -steel work plate
 (thickness 3mm)
- the upper or lower roll drive
- the manual drive with the crank handle
- automatic raise of a roll by the springza 
  by the springza
- the maximum height of the pressure roll
- the placement of the drive reducer
- steel basement with two shelves
- painted black
- the pressure power  

Price :

=5500 pln

with a base
= 4900 pln

without a base
= 4700 pln.

Price : 
with a base
= 4700 pln

without a base
= 4500 pln


The same as above plus
-the reducer designed for
  the electric drive
-simultaneous drive of the both rolls,
  back coupling

Price :
= 6700 pln

with a base
= 6100 pln

without a base
= 5900 pln

with a base 
= 5900 pln.

without a base
=5700 pln.


The same as in 1 and 2 plus
- the electrical drive with the electrical cylinder
-override with protection,
  the limit switch

Price :
= 12 500 pln.

Price :
with a base
= 11 500 pln

Price :
without a base
= 10 500 pln


   The mechanical and toolmaker workshop of engineer Wojciech Zawadzki also offer:
   - the full fittings of the studios for graphic techniques;
   - service and renovation of all kinds of graphic presses;
   - the adaptation of the old presses for the new needs;
         - the works make according to the client's directions;
        - the works make according to the client's directions;

    Additionally: :
      - the mechanical metalworking;
   - heat and chemical treatment of metal (coaling, nitriding);;
   - the welding works;
   - the toolmaker works;
   - the designing and constructional works in the field of mechanics and electrotechnology.

      If any questions, write please:

    e - mail :    

    or call::
        tel.          +48_ 62 _ 764-65-79.  
  tel. kom.    +48_602 _ 873-313    (mobil tel. )

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